Monday, October 12, 2015

Glass is More

Glass is More - Is a brand new, worldwide, unique and informative e-magazine and Newsletter on glass art and the art of glass. Glass is more! brings you daily refreshed information with texts, photos and movies on art, craft, design and architecture; books and catalogues; conferences, symposiums, seminars and festivals; expositions and world wide exposition agenda, fairs and lectures; opinions in essays, Cutting Edge; writes on techniques, historical items, science, literature, theater and sound, performances and installations; reports on schools, education and students; provides the latest awards, competitions and entries; shows the subscribers’ profiles as well the profiles on the members of the editorial group and the ambassadors feeding the editors and authors. Join us and build on to this network!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

National Trust for Historic Preservation - Conference Announcement

PastForward is the premier educational and networking event for those in the business of saving places. This year, at PastForward 2015, we’ll begin a year-long celebration of the National Historic Preservation Act’s 50th anniversary with programming that celebrates and honors the past while looking decisively forward toward our next 50 years. In the nation’s capital we will convene the full, diverse and expansive constituency of preservation players from individuals to elected officials, federal agencies to architects, scholars to activists.

LaFarge Stained Glass in New England: A Digital Guide

This project was developed in partnership with Boston College University Libraries to complement an exhibition at the McMullen Museum of Art at Boston College. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Joseph Cavalieri Solo Exhibition at OUT Hotel in NY

Joseph Cavalieri exhibition at the OUT Hotel in New York* 
Opening Tuesday, Sept 1st

Press in the Wall Street International on this exhibition:

Advice on entering exhibitions, and a call for artists:

In Washington DC area, Portland (Oregon), Dublin:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stained Glass with Joseph Cavalieri

Madonna & Prada by Joseph Cavalier
Joseph Cavalieri will be teaching a class at the Washington Glass School in Washington DC,
(well to be specific it is in Mt Rainier, MD) from September 5-7.

The class covers modern painting on glass techniques including atomizing, silk-screening,
and painting using a crow quill pen, which is very much like lettering.

Three days for $500. Please look at this link for more details and how to register.

Joseph Cavalieri
216 East 7th Street, apt no.10

2015 Documentary - Nano Revolution

The stained glass tech appears at 35:45 in this video on nano technology: