Monday, April 22, 2013

Bottle World Healing Garden

Sorry no flat glass here but I couldn't resist sharing this great video brought to my attention by the Looking at Glass Blog. I'm posting this for Tom Krepcio who I know is into bottle structures and also to inspire my colleagues at Wheaton Arts!
Elayne Lansford's Bottle World healing garden is a tribute to triumph over life-threatening illness and the power of healing through gardening. Reframing her reality by giving new life to old objects helped her when husband John Villanacci faced a random disease and lung transplant, soon after she recovered from breast cancer. It was a twist for Elayne, a psychologist who helps clients every day. In her refuge of sanctuary and peace, she worked out some of her sorrow and anger through hands-on activity and creation.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

WORKSHOP OFFERING: Glass Painting: Medieval Fragments with a Modern Twist

MAY 15, 2013
Linda Norris in a rare US appearance will lead a hands on glass painting workshop inspired by her collaborative commission with Rachael Phillips documented in the film above. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to study with this extraordinary artist.
Register online at:

About the instructor:

Linda Norris has been a painter for over 30 years. She trained in a tight figurative tradition and
has since developed freer ways of working. In her painting she is interested in exploring
emotional aspects of landscape. She first came to glass six years ago, with a painter’s desire to move beyond paint. She has become drawn to explore the myriad possibilities that glass offers her to make site-specific work and to collaborate with other artists. As a material that is between liquid and solid in state, glass allows her to make work with a conceptual content that moves in the poetic space between word and object.

In recent years she has become increasingly interested in exploring in her work the ways in which objects and artwork serve to link us to others and to the past. She is especially interested in making site-specific work in relation to historic settings and stimuli, and in finding ways to make contemporary artwork using traditional methods. She has recently won the International Warm Glass Prize for her piece, ‘Her House is Air’.

With support from the Arts Council of Wales, she is currently developing a new body of sitespecific external glass work for a disused quarry; this work is based on the human shaping of the landscape of North Pembrokeshire.