Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nick Sayers

After falling down the rabbit hole doing a web search on sacred geometry and the platonic solids I stumbled upon the Flickr stream of the artist Nick Sayers. Enjoy this!
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Polyhedral Patcham Pupils

On 30 March 2012, I ran a maths-art workshop at Patcham House School, as part of their Maths Day.

In a one-hour workshop, children pinned 12 pre-made, machine-cut plastic silhouettes of themselves together with plastic cocktail sticks, to form polyhedral shapes with tetrahedral symmetry.

The pieces were created in advance. The children lay on a green screen and were photographed from the stairs above. I then took these images, processed them in Photoshop and turned them into cutting files.

They were cut by the very capable Mark at Brighton & Hove Plastics in Portslade.

More images:

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