Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Video from our friends at Williams & Byrne

The Master & the Beast – a new Documentary about Kiln-Fired Stained Glass Painting
Two full-length demonstrations of the ‘single-firing’ method

The ‘single-firing’ method: you’ll save time and money. And your glass will also look much better …

‘What will I learn?’ In this documentary, you’ll learn about undercoating, tracing, strengthening and shaping, shading, flooding, highlights and softened highlights, painting on the back of your glass, plus – using oil and propylene glycol. All in just one firing – this looks much better, and it also saves you time and money

‘All that in just one firing?’ Yes – including all your shading, which is amazing

‘What exactly will I see?’ You will see two full-length demonstrations from start to finish
Details HERE:

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